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Beyond Broadcast

The Beyond Broadcast Brief :

"Show a joined up picture so people understand why changes are happening on how we work • Take people on a journey. Keep it simple and tell a story. • Don’t make the future look scary. Its not just about the technology, its how its used and how are audiences are changing."

• Show a day in the life of a family, living in a home and going to work • Create a home with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, study, streetscape, BBC office to situate the projects • Use actors to take people on a journey and tailor the experience according to their background. • Make the experience “on-demand” • Hide the technology. Keep it invisible. • Show the journey of a piece of content from conception to consumption. • Let visitors take a momento as a memory.
Floor planSketchup plan by Halli Unnarsson
data table evolutionThe datatable showed various projects pipeline. You could interact with it by placing the relevant RFID card on the table to reveal that part of project information.
Flickr photos: Alex Petersen
Beyond Broadcast was made to be like a home
living room where you could have BBC iPlayer and supplementary EPG
kitchenActors enacted various scenes in context to explain how various projects would work in situ.
bedroomBBC R&D music prototype in a teen bedroom
Project links

BBC Beyond Broadcast - How we did it
Lovely video from Halli telling the story of how we did it...in 6 weeks through some serious red-tape tackling.