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Digital Wellbeing - The Store

Digital Wellbeing Showroom was a pilot digital lifestyle store launched during the London Design Festival (2005) at The Shop At Bluebird. It lasted for 4 months and showed two collections Black & White and Into the Woods.

black and white show

"The Digital Wellbeing Showroom is the first of a new kind of retail environment for digital lifestyle products. The showroom presents a selection of exclusive digital appliances that include software and internet services, alongside bespoke and customized products. Digital Wellbeing believes in reducing choice whilst injecting personality into the collection as presented here. Digital Wellbeing seeks to create an inspirational retail environment that nurtures harmonious relationships between products. Discover not just electronic appliances, but also furniture, accessories, fashion, books, music, games, online services and work from internationally acclaimed and locally sourced interaction designers and media artists. We are creating a platform to encourage a greater understanding of interaction design, the interactive media arts and industry. We tune technology to create harmony in your life."

dwb showroom
Black and white show
black and white show
Into the woods
Musical swing
About the Project:

Digital Wellbeing aimed to bridge the last mile between the customer on the highstreet and large manufacturers of technology products, local digital designer-makers and artists.

DWB received NESTA support as part of the Creative Pionneer programme.

Digital Wellbeing in the press:

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Personal involvment:

Co-Founder with Alexander Grunsteidl

Things that influenced me:
Way too many things, projects and people. Probably need to sit down over a coffee for this one :)

Video by Haraldur Mar Unnarsson