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ElleUk.com - relaunch

ElleUK.com was in middle of a transaformation. The print magazine was undergoing a redesign and the online website needed to be more in touch with a 30 something urban sophisticated women audience who was as comfotable using Facebook, Net-a-Porter as she was checking her online bank accounts or her Blackberry email.

The online site needed to reflect this vibrant lifestyle not just throiugh content but enabling conversations around it through other social media channels and mobilising the rich content on ElleUk to seep elesewhere around the web, in context to where target users are able to comment and share it more.

Persona designThe team came up with primary & Secondary Personas through a series of workshops
visionA series of user vision statements helped crystallise the user goals ElleUK needed to cater to and also help inform primary use-cases

elleUkon facebookElle UK's Facebook page


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