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Geo-stories: Mobile Citizen Journalism
Geo-stories is a BBC project exploring how content (video, pictures & text) combined with location and time information can most effectively be used to create interesting narrative or stories to help inform new formats of mobile citizen journalism.
repartage for buncefield oild depotBBC News gets lots of UGC content from citizens on various breaking news...for example at the Buncefield Oil depot incident, there was footage from thousands of people, but it was very hard to create context for all incoming UGC around this news at the time of incident
brighton classWe ran a trial with Ymogen who were commissioned at the BBC innovation labs to come out with a Mobile Citizen platform. We partnered with Nokia and Brighton University's MA Photography course to explore what formats the platform could support
black cab trialWe also tried a mini-trail with Londob black cab drivers who were given N93 phones to report back any stories of interest they came across as a part of their daily life.
hayfield school trialGeo-stories took a lot of inspiration from projects such as BBC Participate. An example above of BBC Participate which looked at school children using carbon monoxide sensors to record the carbon ourput on their way to school
innovation modelA tricky part of this project was trying to understand how we support and encourage startups and IP generated through projects such as these. Working with the BBC legal team to get this defined was very interesting.
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Geostories - A Mobile Citizenship project
Lessons learned and project critique:

Post-trial, analysing what worked and didn't work, I think we should have selected more groups that were closer to daily activities such as couriers and cab drivers who were interacting with the daily urban landscape and had a higher propensity to report back events as they came across it, also the interface needed a lot more tuning to create "engaging stories".
Embedding innovation within large organisations by running trials where the IP generated out the trial, needs a simple CC license guaranteed to all involved.

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