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How are you today? Installation

Was invited to exhibit and speak at the British Creative Exchange along with Daljit Singh (Digit), Nikolai Delvendahl (Adjaye Associates) and others at the British Creative Exchange Symposium. Part of the symposium was an exbhibition - Artistic License at the La Viande Gallery, Old Street.

How are you today?
It explores the maladies hidden in our daily brushes with user-friendly technology that promises at making your life stress-free and more productive. It asks the visitor to interact by diagnosing their current state of digital wellbeing through a series of questions. In the end visitors will be able to discern for themselves their state of "digital wellbeing" and an appropriate medication to help alleviate it, if lucky.

installation layout

The installation was inspired from Microsoft's 90's campaign"Where do you want to go today?"

The visitors were given different kinds of placebos including an onsite massage to alleviate their digital stress.
gallery view
A series of short videos asking questions to users about weird and wonderful brushes with digital technology in their daily life, was another part of the installation.

Old Jamaican Record shop owner in Brixton on mobile phone usage from priya prakash on Vimeo.
onsite massage
Opening night at the La Viande Gallery
opening night
Project links

British Creative Exchange 2007 programme
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White Chapel Gallery: Talent An exchange or colloboration

Things that influenced me:
"Where do you want to go today?" Microsoft's 90's campaign
Digital Wellbeing Labs

Inspiration- Digital Stress:

Ever tried finding happiness on Google maps?

locate happiness on google maps
..Or have your daily spam become contextual to your project?

daily spam
..Or wish your friendly Word bot could stop annoying you?

annoying word bot