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Project Kangaroo

"Kangaroo will be a video on demand platform offering content from BBC Worldwide (the commercial arm of the BBC), ITV.com and Channel 4's 4oD, expected to launch in 2008, although this may be delayed until 2009.[1][2] Unlike the BBC iPlayer, which is publicly funded and has no plans to carry any paid content, Kangaroo will allow users to purchase content from a large back catalogue. As noted below, the plan to link to content on BBC iPlayer means that it will provide a single broadband VOD service for the key three broadcasters in the UK."
iptv landscape
IPTV product offerings in the market
Kangaroo is dead. Long live Kangaroo. If you'd like to know more about the inital UXD proposal drop me a line.

Personal involvment:

User experience Consultant working for BBC Worldwide from BBC New Media Central for initial phase.
Activities involved inital service brand definition, user journey architecture, UI scoping, value proposition development and strategy.