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BBC Future Search- Zeitgeist

One of the key challenges that came out of the Beyond Broadcast thinking was an alignmnet of all audience facing services under the umbrellas of FIND, PLAY & SHARE.
PLAY was served by iPlayer.
SHARE was covered by Open & Creative Archive. FIND was yet to be defined and needed design strategy to imagine a service or scenario where BBC was not offering yet another SEARCH engine.
Search in 2006 and now in 2009(The BBC Search page as it was then in 2006. A tabbed interface. After a recent directive- BBC has removed external Web search.)

I was keen we could look into the concept of what it meant to FIND and finding as a social collective public activitywhere its a mix of what you hear, see and come across (SERENDIPITY) mixed with what you definitely want to FIND, LOCATE and KNOW more about (INTENTION).
frameworkAt the onset, we defined BBC search to be be more than search and more atuned to a Mediator of media.
search differentiationArriving at the positioning of the BBC Mediator service on the overall landscape we targetted the sweet-spot of "People being core of the offer" where you can "Get an answer" pretty soon.
A day in the life of searchWe looked at a typical day in the life of a persona and their search requirements and mirrored that to the existing BBC schedule to understand what sort of overlaps could be harnessed.
We called the service BBC Zeitgeist to reflect how BBC captures the Zeitgeist of what's going on...it was a cultural barometer.
Itv screenThe TV screen interface which shows a flow of recently searched popular items. The more popular the bigger they are. This flow changes through the day.
mobile interfaceA similar flow for mobile- so you can cath your stream on the go.
clusterIn the usecase- The mother looks up Babyrash- service does a classic (old hat now!) cluster keywords.
facetsFaceted search results, a user can navigate to various related nodes around "Baby Rash"
timelineFaceted search results, a user can navigate to various related nodes around "Baby Rash"
celebrity filterA user can filter the zeitgeist by selecting a group (for eg: Celebrity) to only reveal those new items that have celebrity news. Also the background changes to reflect that.
compressed viewTo see an overall trend you can >> (FWD) or << (RWD) in time and to see emerging items pop out.
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Project led to strategy alignment at BBC

Things that influenced me:
Google Zeitgeist
(Any Question Answered)

Personal input in project
Proposition development
Project lead
Creative direction

Amazing people I worked with:
The talented Fjord team- few people who really get cross-platform service crafting. They brought the proposition to life through clear prototyping and excellent story-telling.