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BBC iPlayer (beta) at Mix'06

Microsoft Silverlight and Vista were just being shipped. BBC's iPlayer was selected to be showcased at Mix '06 - An annual Microsoft conference which invites developers, designer, product developers to share and showcase possibilities with latest Microsoft technology.
Working with Microsoft Services team in UK and Redmond,
overalliaOverall IA and behaviour detailling
desktop gadgetThe BBC iPlayer globe was a gadget accessed from the desktop.
desktopThe UI consists of 4 keys nav blocks:Search, Browse, What's Hot, Your Stuff - which react to user interaction based on where the mouse hovers and grows in size.
screen 2The Player is embedded with Your Stuff.
searchOn typing in the first letter the system dynamically brings up all relevant items starting with that alphabet..
search results

Ashley Highfield's complete step by step demo at Mix '06
"But first of all, what I'm going to do is I'm going to search. Now, as I search here, as I start to type in, I'm going to look for a program, and I just caught the last two minutes of it on Sunday night, a program called "Bleak House." And as I start typing, it's going to bring up all the BBC programming available beginning with B, and as I type through the words, so now I've got "Black Adder" and "Blake 7" and "Blue Peter."" (Applause.) ."
playerOther parts of Player
MSN IM integratedYou can quickly share programmes with friends on your MSN address book.
Project links

BBC News on Bill Gates on iMP demo
Bill Gates on BBC iPlayer
"Well, that's a phenomenal interface, and we've been excited to work with you on that, particularly with the breadth of content you've got, it's phenomenal"
BBC Press Release on Mix'06

Personal involvement
Project lead working with a talented team of 3 designers, managing client relation with Microsoft.
IA, UI concept development and functional specs, creative direction.

Visual Design:Richard Sinclair
Flash prototyping:Kwame Ferreria
Storyboard development and branding:

Byju Sukumaran