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BBC iMP: Content trial

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What is BBC iMP?
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What are users saying about iMP?
iMP messageboards (Trial ends 28th Feb)

iMP in Media:

Blogs: Search results from ice rocket
Review on iMP from Informitv

Personal involvment:

Implementation Manager - Content trial
Design lead- Content trial

Books that I was reading then :

Blink- Malcolm Gladwell

My rating : ***

Customer-centric Product definition:
Sheila Mello

My rating: ***

Wish I had read...
Total Design: Managing the Design Process in the Service Sector- Bill Hollins

Things that influenced me :

Tivo design mantras
My first Sony
BBC Micro| My first BBC P2P application?
'Grandmother Interface design

kid trying to drive a car My first Sony series- Walkman My first Sony series