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Apple Student Design Competition '95:
Represented Infarm - Winning team, NID India | An interactive pest detection system for farmers in villages

Deep hanging out with farmers to find out more about their daily problems.
on the field
farmer checks his field
UI sketches from users
Farmer using prototype in the field
Exploded view of the handheld digital camera/magnifying glass
MDF Protoype of the handheld device
Interface for aligning the pest/ Also shows the thermometer to measure soil temperature.
Commended for:
User Engagement
Cultural Relevance
Overall design excellence

What is the Apple Student User Interface Design Competition?
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Joy Montford's panel at SIGCHI
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Personal input Infarm:

Represented the winning team. Presented Infarm at Apple, Cupertino.
(NID Infarm team: Rajib Ghosh, Satvinder S. Channey, Vijay Indalkar)

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