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BBC Buzz: A Mobile Location application

BBC Buzz gives you the presence of a location as a 'Buzz index'
Eavesdropping & Observing street conversations in London
Buzz interface shows at a glance all that's happening at a post-code
Buzz can be syndicated to other location based objects, such as physical phoneboxes
You can also text a location and get back the location's Buzz index sent to you as an SMS
You can also text a hoarding at a location and get back the local buzz index sent to you as an SMS
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Have been speaking to Urban Tapestries on colloborating together on this.

Personal involvment:

Product Lead: Concept, IXD & IA,
GUI, Prototyping, Building awareness of BBC's location based content, scoping
product-dev needs & Project Management

Useful online references:

The context toolkit

The Context Toolkit aims at facilitating the development and deployment of context-aware applications.
My rating : *****

Location and Presence in Mobile Data Services
A presentation given at BayCHI by Jonathan Grubb (yahoo mobile services) & Shawn Smith (SBI razorfish)
My rating : ***