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Opel Online Car configurator
Information architecture and prototyping
Step3: Select Colour
Step 4: Review accessories
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Media (Nov 2003)
Voted best on-line car configurator in Germany out of 14 car manufacturers.

"The company from Rüsselsheim has understood what needed to be done: the emphasis of the Opel configurator is on functionality and information. No other site processes and presents technical data and accessories more clearly."

Personal input in project*
Protyping (HTML, javascript)
Information architecture and flows - Car configurator.
Functional specifications
Client liason
*Part of a team of 3 IAs on Opel.de

What I learned on this project:

Protyping using CSS and Visio
My rating : ** and ****
Writing functional specifications*
*Still need to find a good URL for this
Architecting flows.
My rating : *****
A more recent one
My rating : ***

Amazing people I worked with:

Kathleen Holman: A design guru I respect.
Zentropy partners:
The warmest bunch of people I have ever come across in my work-life.