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Showeraoke: A shower karaoke
RCA MA Computer Related Design 2001
Web appliance that celebrates mundane habits and helps people to sing their stress away.


Detail of tiles reacting to the sound when someone sings in the bathroom
Punters testing Showeraoke out.
Checking out the curtain...
He picks up the showerhead
And scans the barcode.
Sound comes out of the inbuilt water-proof speakers
Detail of barcoded cards printed off the showeraoke website
Lyrics to warble along come up on your water-proof screen.
Project links:

Show 2001- Computer Related Design
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What is showeraoke?
...is turned into to a googlism :)

Who will buy it?
Looks like there is a demand!

MA Thesis:
Empathic Interaction for daily living:
RCA MA Thesis

Media coverage:

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Evening Standard
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T3 magazine (Sept 2001, Issue 63)
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2nd prize- Work, Helen Hamlyn Design for our future selves
Matthew Wrightson Industrial Production Awards 2001