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Priya Prakash :: P r i y a s c a p e :: Design Of Tools, Conversations & Experiences

Sugarscape is a "teen social bookmarking players" where users find, play and share the best of web as found by them. It was developed to extend the Sugar magazine brand into the online teen eco-system. It was launched on 13 Dec 2007 and is currently in beta.

Sugarscape- concept

Sugarscape- positioning
Positioning Sugarscape: P.Prakash

Product strategy and proposition: P.Prakash

Sugarscape Building blocks

IA & functional building blocks: P.Prakash


Sugarscape scope
UI visuals: Osmotronic & Sweet World TV
UI concept explorations
UI visual design exploration: Osmotronic
Sugarscape Player
Sugarscape player
Sugarscape cheatsheet
Project links

www.sugarscape.com - Go on Signup :)

What is Sugarscape? Take the tour

Sugarscape in Media
PSFK: Sugar mag launches Sugarscape
NMA: Hachette to roll out bookmarking tool
Brand Republic: Sugar puts users in control

What are users saying about it?
Sugarscape on MySpace

Personal involvment:
Product /Project Lead:
Concept and creative direction
Brand strategy & proposition
Functionality & IA definition
Brand and user experience definition
Product Management
Project management
Bug and user testing

People/agencies involved
Osmotronic - UI visual design
Multiadaptor - Sugarscape branding
Tracy Currer - Initial IA & IXD
Lullabots - Drupal CMS expert
Tempero: Moderation
CPA: Child Protection Agency

Books that I was reading then:
Everyting Bad is Good for you: S. Johnson

My rating : ****

Social networking research links
Groundswell: Forrester blog - Charlene Li

Danah Boyd/Zephoria on social n/ws

Things that influenced me :
You Tube
BBC Future Search Project
Nintendo Wii
Game design.

Brilliant video explaining social bookmarking: